Scanning documents service

OSG use the most advanced and accurate scanning equipment. We collect and deliver.
We are able to scan a few pages or an entire archive.
OSG goes further than others, we index documents so you have access to key text and data.
OSG's scale of efficiency enables us to reduce costs.
We upload your scans in the format of your choice including tiff, PDF and JPEG.
OSG can scan any size of business documents. We can also scan books, images and old manuscripts.
OSG couriers will collect items from from your archive.

Document scanning

Do you have large numbers of paper documents that are difficult to manage and that take up valuable office space? OSG can scan any size and type of documents and save it in your preferred e-document format.

Imagine how much space you would save and how easy it would be to share these files with colleagues. Your scans are accessible through your own company e-Archive interface which allows you to sort, search and download files as you need them.

OSG handle everything for you

OSG’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) lets you extract vital data from forms automatically, it will also read handwriting and barcodes. This speeds up your document workflow and enables you to perform key word searches.

Any amount of documents – even your entire archive

OSG will scan any number of documents you want. We will even scan every document in your archive so you have easier access to them through your e-Archive. E-Archive gives your staff 24/7 online access from any branch office or even when travelling. It make an significant improvement to speeds of your various documents workflows whether its Accounts, HR, Admin or Client care.

How document scanning works


Collection & preparation
OSG collects your documents and prepare them for scanning. Staples and pins are removed and paper is sorted in to piles.


Scanning process
Documents are fed into OSG's high-volume scanners which can capture 700,000 documents in a single day. Feeders handle a range of sizes and multiple pages.


Image capture
Tiff images are captured for easy preview of your scanned documents.


Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software reads key fields such as a date and address. This content is verified by OSG staff to ensure extremely high levels of accuracy.


Access to scans & information
Download scans or have them sent to your e-Archive. e-Archive is an online interface that allows you to share, edit and approve scanned documents.


Store or destruct paper documents
After the scanning process you may choose to have original paper documents stored at OSG or destroyed securely.
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The OSG website is a great resource for information about management of documents and data. Use the links here or browse our guides section.

Please note that most of these guides are in Russian. Please use the contact form to request a copy in English.

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