Inventory of assets service

Every item is barcoded and this is scanned to your database.
Find the location of all items instantly.
Photos of each item are placed on your database.
Meet the legal requirements of your annual return to the authorities.
OSG staff work quickly and accurately.

Inventory of assets

All companies are required to provide an inventory of assets as part of their annual accounts. But it can be extremely difficult to keep track of assets, their value and where they are located.

OSG provides a comprehensive solution through their inventory service.

The process of Inventory of assets

OSG experts visit your offices and create a new database that lists your assets such as desks, filing cabinets, furniture, laptops, PCs, phones, printers, copiers, cars and vans. Each item is given a unique barcode label and digitally photographed. The barcode is scanned, and the image uploaded to your database. Details including a description, value, department and location are entered. In the end you have a complete record of all assets, viewable as a spreadsheet. It is perfect for preparing your annual accounts.

OSG will help you update your inventory and add or delete items as you require.

How Inventory of assets works


OSG discuss your requirements. How items of equipment and furniture etc.


Items added to database
OSG creates a database for you. Each item is labelled with a barcode. A photo and description is added to your database.


Track items
Any item can be tracked within seconds.
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