Collection & delivery of your documents

OSG offer collection and delivery in every region.
Get your documents returned in no time at all.
OSG has a large fleet of modern lorries and vans.
Couriers wear uniform and carry ID.
OSG has the capacity to transfer your entire archive.

Collection & delivery

OSG has it's own dedicated team of couriers who collect and deliver your documents and discs whenever you want. Our drivers are uniformed and carry identity passes.

They are fully trained and committed to ensuring your documents and discs arrive safely, on time every time. Items are scanned in and out so you always know their exact location and you receive a record to check and confirm.
OSG’s extensive fleet of modern vans and lorries mean we are ready to handle any delivery, from a single document to an entire archive consisting of millions of files.

How collection & delivery works


Order on-line
Use your i-Archive online interface to request urgent or standard delivery and collection.


Collection / Delivery
OSG couriers collect and delivery items as you request. Everything is scanned in or out so you can trace it's exact location.
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Useful links on Collection & delivery of documents

The OSG website is a great resource for information about management of documents and data. Use the links here or browse our guides section.

Please note that most of these guides are in Russian. Please use the contact form to request a copy in English.

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