Backup tape storage – offsite

Offsite backup means you are covered in the event your office is affected by fire, flood or sabotage.
OSG's vault protects against fire and flood.
Backup tapes are protected against magnetic fields.
CCTV, alarms, secure entry systems and guards.
OSG couriers rotate your discs periodically so new data is constantly backed up.
OSG is the market leader in the CIS and is trusted by clients including leading international banks, law firms and accountancy companies.

Offsite storage for backup tapes and discs

By now it's clear that tape isn't dead and won't be any time soon, although it is clearly ceding a lot of use for data backup, data archiving and disaster recovery (DR) to disk- and cloud-based technologies.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is the direction that more and more companies are choosing to take for very good reason.

Archives are changing

Companies have more and more documents. They require sophisticated systems to share documents, store them and locate them when needed. You can choose to invest in this process yourself, or you can choose Russia's leading providers to give you the technology. But anyone in business knows its more about technology, it is about the people behind the tech too. OSG's management is the most experienced in the business, with over xx combined years in the market etc.

How backup tape storage works


Setup online account
OSG provide you with a secure, on-line interface called i-Archive. i-Archive enables your staff to manage the collection and delivery of backup tapes.


Collection of backup tapes
OSG couriers collect your tapes / discs in special shock-proof cases. They barcode them and send details to your i-Archive so you can track them.


Safe storage
Tapes are transferred to OSG centres. They are placed in a secure vault that offers protection against temperature, humidity, fire, flood and even blast.
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