IT-Archive – cloud backup for business

Limit bandwidth at certain times. Software examines files (including open documents) for changes to small data blocks. Instead of sending the entire file, it sends only changed blocks.
You can set periods for file retention.
De-duplication ensures only one copy of every file is backed up. Less storage space means greater efficiency and a cleaner archive.
It is vital for companies to backup data to a separate location.
Much easier than copying data to tapes.
All data is encrypted before it leaves your network making it impossible to read during transfer and storage.
Quick restoration of any part of your data.

IT-Archive (cloud backup)

Your data will be stored on a dedicated server within an OSG purpose-built data center. 24/7 security, advanced fire detection, climate control, secure internet and emergency power supply ensure maximum protection. And because it is off-site, you are covered in the event of a fire or damage in your office.

How IT-Archive works


OSG work with you to assess your backup requirements. How many servers, computers, laptops, mobile devices etc.


Install software
e-Vault software is installed. It works extremely reliably on all platforms including Windows, Unix, Linux and Apple.


Secure interface
From now on a secure connection enables you to view reports, schedule backups and restore key information.
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The OSG website is a great resource for information about management of documents and data. Use the links here or browse our guides section.

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