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Working with e-documents is incredibly fast. No waiting for paper documents from a different location. No more lost files. Productivity increases dramatically.
Working with e-documents is incredibly fast. No waiting for paper documents from a different location. Productivity increases dramatically.
Staff can access and edit documents from any branch office, when working from home or travelling. Special security protects data.
e-Archive is simple to integrate into your office, staff do not need special training. It is intuitive.
Your e-Archive is a brilliant example of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). You no longer need an expensive in-house archive, equipment and archival staff.
OSG is a market leader with high international standards. We are trusted by regional and international leaders in many countries.

e-Archive electronic archive

Imagine having all of your paper documents scanned and placed on to a secure database with 24/7, on-line access.

It would mean your staff could find, share and approve documents extremely quickly. With e-Archive (electronic archive), these efficiencies become a reality. A ‘paperless’ office is something that you can achieve.

Digitisation of documents

OSG technicians pack and transport your paper documents to an OSG scanning centre. They use high-volume scanners to create digital copies of everything. Each item is indexed and placed into your new e-Archive. The process is fast and low cost even for giant-sized archives. OSG uses advanced scanning equipment, this ensures accuracy and speed.

Fast, secure access to e-documents

You don’t need any new equipment, software or training with e-Archive. Just log-in to your e-Archive interface with your secure password and you can search, access, share and edit files. It is an incredible smart and intuitive interface to work with.

24/7 access from any location

Because your e-Archive interface is accessed online, it gives your staff the freedom to access documents from any office or branch. It also gives them the flexibility to work extremely productively from home and away. E-Archive brings your business into the future.

Excellent security, reliable support

OSG utilizes the same technology as online banking to make your e-Archive extremely secure. SSL certificate secures encoded data transfer. In addition, your database is kept on a dedicated server stored within a secure OSG data facility. OSG gives you the level of support you would expect from a market leader with clients in practically every business sector.

Store your original paper documents in OSG’s archive
For compliance reasons, you may be required to retain original documents after scanning. These documents can be stored safely at OSG. Obsolete documents can be destroyed using OSG's confidential document destruction.

How e-Archive works


OSG experts look at the types of documents you work with. We discuss which pieces of information (fields) are particularly important. We advise you on how best to convert key documents into electroinc documents.


Scanning of documents
You order collection of documents online. OSG couriers transfer documents to OSG's scanning centres which have advanced scanning equipment. Each document is scanned or captured in the form of a tif or PDF.


Indexing stage
When scans are made, intelligent software enables us to capture particular fields of information. Dates, type of document, department, etc are entered into your e-Archive and so indexed. Use it to make powerful searches.


Access e-Archive interface
Access all documents through your online 'e-Archive' interface. Staff can preview, edit, make comments and even stamp approval. The share function makes document workflow incredibly fast.


Manage e-Archive
Request collection and scanning or upload scans yourself. As you would expect from the market leader, OSG provides you with a reliable solutions as well as full support.


Store or destroy originals
After scanning is completes, OSG will store original paper documents for the required retention period. Alternatively you may order secure destruction.
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The OSG website is a great resource for information about management of documents and data. Use the links here or browse our guides section.

Please note that most of these guides are in Russian. Please use the contact form to request a copy in English.

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