Document destruction services

Protect confidential financial information being targeted by criminals.
Protecting the confidential data of clients is a legal requirement. A loss of such data can be catastrophic for a business.
History shows that some of the largest international brands have examined the refuse of competitor companies.
OSG deliver special containers to key departments.
OSG use industrial shredders that ensure 100% confidentiality. Some in-house machines are not secure.
Outsource your confidential document destruction and save on staff, expensive shredding equipment and office space.
Shredded paper is compressed into bundles and sent for recycling. This is an excellent way to build your corporate policy towards the environment. We help you save trees!

Proper destruction of confidential documents is vital

When staff place sensitive documents in a waste basket, it makes your company vulnerable. Private information concerning your company and your clients can end up in the wrong hands.

This puts your company credibility and financial security at risk. OSG will collect and destroy this material and safeguard your security.

Keep OSG secure waste containers in your office

OSG supplies you with smart document destruction containers to place in key locations within your office. For example your accounts or HR departments. From now on, your staff post all sensitive waste documents in to these containers through a narrow slot. A security seal or lock ensures contents are protected. You have a choice of smart cardboard, metal or wooden containers.

OSG collects and destroys documents 100%

When you need, uniformed OSG guards collect and safely transport the sensitive documents to a secure OSG document destruction centre. OSG use industrial scale shredders. Powerful metal rollers crush and shred simultaneously. Unlike standard shredders they destroy documents, CDs and discs 100%. For complete accountability, you receive a certificate.

Extra items destroyed too

OSG will also collect and destroy batches of your obsolete files and computers. This is particularly useful when you clear your office.

How document destruction works


You agree the most important locations in your office to place document destruction containers. These departments include rooms for top management, accounts, legal, client care and HR departments.


Use destruction containers
Order online and OSG couriers deliver document destruction boxes to the agreed locations within your offices. We also collect extra batches of documents and old files which you would like to have destroyed.


Place documents into box
As your staff work, they can place confidential waste paper documents through a slot in the top of destruction boxes. 2 plastic seals secure content.


Collection of boxes
OSG couriers exchange full boxes for empty ones. They are transported to OSG's document destruction centres which are highly secure.


Documents shredded 100%
OSG's powerful industrial shredding machines destroy content 100%. They can also destroy hard drives, computers and backup tapes. You receive a document destruction confirmation certificate.


Shredded paper is compressed into large bundles for recycling. You receive a certificate to mount on your wall confirming your corporate policy towards the environment.
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