Offsite document storage services

Offsite backup means you are covered in the event your office is affected by fire, flood or sabotage.
OSG's vault protects against fire and flood.
Backup tapes are protected against magnetic fields.
CCTV, alarms, secure entry systems and guards.
OSG couriers rotate your discs periodically so new data is constantly backed up.
OSG is the market leader in the CIS and is trusted by clients including leading international banks, law firms and accountancy companies.

Offsite document storage

Offsite document storage is a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). It involves the transfer of your company’s documents to a specialist offsite document storage company. In effect, the company’s archive is relocated to a professional commercial archive. When you choose OSG, not only does this provide significant cost savings, but it increases the efficiency of your information management. You have improved access to your stored documents through i-Archive, an online interface which has powerful search functionality.

Outsourcing document storage

OSG is the largest and most reliable offsite document storage company in Russia and the CIS. When you outsource your document storage to OSG, you can be sure of excellent security, fire and flood protection, and the most advanced systems to track and order files. Take a tour of an OSG offsite document storage centre and learn about i-Archive, the intelligent interface that OSG provides you with.

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