Archive transfer services

OSG has its own fleet of vehicles which comprise of different sizes and capacities, from vans to trucks and articulated lorries. We can move any volume – from a few documents to enormous archives consisting of millions of files.
OSG has a large team of professional qualified archivists. Before moving your documents, at your request, they will evaluate and catagories your documents. They can advise you on retention periods for each so you stay compliant with federal laws.
When you send your documents to OSG archives, we pack them in special archive boxes, which are then barcoded. This enables you to track the location of particular files at any time.

Archive transfer

Moving your company archive from one location to another is a task that is best left to the experts. OSG’s qualified archivists are leading experts in this work. They provide a fast and accurate archive transfer service.

Inventory of documents for the archive

All documents in your company archive are evaluated. They are counted and recorded onto a database called i-Archive, along with a precise description of their contents. With i-Archive you can perform searches and see the exact location of every item or document. You can see the progress of the transfer process.

Documents transported safely to your new archive

OSG staff will and files are packed and labeled your files. They carefully move them on to one of OSG’s articulated lorries which are perfect for the job.
They are labeled with barcodes scanned out of your custody and into OSG’s. When they arrive at their new archive, they are scanned in. Everything is carefully unpacked and moved to specific parts of the new archive. You received a full report.

OSG trusted by State Archive

OSG is the leading Archive company in Russia and the CIS. We are a trusted provider to the State Archive. We have personal recommendations after successfully moving over 1,5m documents.

How OSG transfer your archive


Evaluation of archive
OSG's DOW (documentary management) experts evaluate your archive. They note the quantity, size, filing order and types of document you hold.


Request for transfer
OSG setup i-Archiv for you. This is an online interface which allows you to order collection of your archive, storage boxes and related services such as packing and cataloguing of your files.


Packaging and bar coding
OSG's qualified archivists will pack your documents in to the standard OSG boxes. Each box is given a unique barcode so contents may be located any time.


OSG has its own modern fleet comprising of vans, mid-size lorries and articulated lorries. Our regional network allows us to transfer your files from any location in Russia and the CIS, to a purpose-built OSG document storage centre.


Assign location at OSG
Each file, box or data backup tape is scanned-in and its location recorded. OSG document storage facilities provide excellent conditions.
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Useful links on Archive transfer

The OSG website is a great resource for information about management of documents and data. Use the links here or browse our guides section.

Please note that most of these guides are in Russian. Please use the contact form to request a copy in English.

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