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Document destruction centres in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus & Armenia

Document shredding and data destruction centres

  • Powerful teeth
    Powerful teeth
    Metal teeth destroy paper 100% so you are completely protected.
  • Shredded paper pressed
    Shredded paper pressed
    Shredded paper is pressed into bundles for recycling.
  • Recycling
    Bundles are sent for paper recycling.
  • Hard discs destroyed
    Hard discs destroyed
    OSG destroy hard discs, laptops and all types of data carriers.
  • Strict security
    Strict security
    OSG document shredding centres are protected by alarms, CCTV and protected entry systems.
  • Industrial shredders
    Industrial shredders
    OSG use industrial document shredding machines which can handle large volumes.

OSG's document shredding centres have excellent security and the very best equipment to

Backup tape storage centres in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus & Armenia

Backup tape storage centres

  • Blast proof doors
    Blast proof doors
    Metal, blast-proof doors can only be entered with a unique pass. They are incredibly strong.
  • Case storage
    Case storage
    Special protective cases are used to collect discs. These cases may be stored in the vault.
  • Hi-level security
    Hi-level security
    CCTV and advanced alarm systems provide excellent security.
  • Secure entry
    Secure entry
    Authorised staff must use a security card for entry.
  • Cloud room
    Cloud room
    OSG also offer cloud backup (IT-Archive). Your dedicated servers are located offsite.
  • Storage for backup tapes
    Storage for backup tapes
    Offsite storage that protects backup tapes against flood, fire, humidity, temperature and magnetic fields.

OSG has the perfect solution for your Disaster Recovery Plan. Our backup tape storage centers allow you to keep copies of your data

Document scanning centres in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus & Armenia

Document scanning centres

  • Advanced document scanners
    Advanced document scanners
    OSG uses the world's most advanced high-volume scanning machines.
  • Multi-page scanning
    Multi-page scanning
    We scan multiple page documents with 100% accuracy.
  • Large format scanners
    Large format scanners
    OSG large format scanners can capture any size of document.
  • Scanning support team
    Scanning support team
    Automated indexing is double checked by OSG's trained technicians.
  • Book scanners
    Book scanners
    OSG book scanners digitise bound documents and books.
  • Indexing documents
    Indexing documents
    OSG scanners capture and index valuable information from documents.

OSG's document scanning centres have a range of advanced document scanners and scanning technology. Each week we scan

Document storage centres in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus & Armenia

Document storage centres

  • Modern document storage
    Modern document storage
    OSG document storage centres are modern and include many 'A'Class buildings.
  • Temperature control
    Temperature control
    Insulation, heating and cooling systems manage temperature.
  • Optimised for storage
    Optimised for storage
    OSG is proud to have the most efficiently managed storage centres in the industry.
  • Fire prevention
    Fire prevention
    Fire detectors, sprinklers and regulations make OSG document storage extremely safe.
  • Heating
    Heating manages temparature through winter months.
  • Fire fighting supply
    Fire fighting supply
    Water points in key locations add an extra level of fire prevention.
  • Heat sensors
    Heat sensors
    Modern heat sensors detect potential fire early.
  • Humidity control
    Humidity control
    Humidity sensors help us to provide optimum conditions for paper document storage.
  • 24/7 security
    24/7 security
    Document archives are protected by advanced alarms, CCTV and card entry systems.
  • ‘A’ grade racking
    ‘A’ grade racking
    OSG builds the best racking to protect your documents.

OSG's document centres are the most modern, safe and efficient in Russia and the CIS. You can be sure that your documents