Vedomosti interviews Zalina Kanametova, General Director OSG Russia

6 March, 2015 Zalina Kanametova, General Director of OSG Records Management is interviewed for a special feature in Vedomosti. With today's difficult economic environment, there has never been a more important time for companies to evolve and use the latest technology and solutions. But more important than the solutions are the people behind the solutions. Trust and openness are fundamental in building reputation and success.

Vedomosti Newspaper writes about OSG

Vedomosti Newspaper writes about OSG

In the highly-modern offices of OSG Records Management, General Director Zalina Kanametova has shop mannequins dressed up in smart uniforms. They are the uniforms of the company’s couriers who form a vital link between OSG and their clients. The courier’s job is to collect business documents from clients which OSG then transforms into digital format before storing the originals.

“Today, the business services market is not only B2B, its H2H or Human to Human.” says Zalina Kanametova. “Advanced technology is important, but even more important is the team behind the technology; their knowledge, understanding and skills. There will always be alternative solutions, but at the end of the day, what you must ask is - Who can you trust? Trust is the key principle when it comes to working with clients.”

OSG Records Management is the market leader in the archival industry. When it comes to building relationships with clients and colleagues, they have three pillars, Openness, Strength and Genius (OSG).

“Openness is in first place for good reason; working with a company’s documents, comes with the responsibility of protecting their reputation. Being ‘open’ to new innovation is key, and so to is a willingness to talk to clients and colleagues about potential problems without fear. Such honesty helps the client's business. When a client decides to implement a new kind of technology, they start by phoning contacts or colleagues in their industry who are already using our solutions, and ask them how they like it.”

“Their answer is hugely important for us and has a strong connection with our success. Clients who are pleased with our solutions pass it along the chain and so more and more companies start adopt them, or other parts of the same company.”

Движение вперед — основа бизнеса, — делится секретом успеха директор ОСГ.

Движение вперед — основа бизнеса, — делится секретом успеха директор ОСГ.

‘Strength’ comes from knowledge. “Our company has over 17 years of experience in archiving documents in Russia, and all this time we have been a secure business. We have to strike a good balance between strict regulations, procedures and standards, and new innovation that provides mobility, speed and technology. Our advantage is that knowledge has a cumulative effect. OSG’s success is based on the clever solutions we offer. We strive to make the life and work of our customers better than before. We have a passion for that.”

“The combination of innovation, technology and the classics (control procedures, laws and terms of archiving) — are the ingredients for genius decisions made by our clients. Our knowledge is transformed into solutions, our solutions become the business of our client, the client's business works better — that is the proof of genius” Zalina Kanametova.

In the segment of OSG is the flagship of the industry will look like tomorrow. “Moving forward — core business” — says the secret of success Director OSG. A customer OSG Records Management, according to Zalina Kanametova, united by the desire to move forward and change. “Given that this is a company seeking new and progressive, they want to avoid risks. This is taken into account in the strategies that are offered to business.”

According to Director of OSG, there are some customers who are forced to follow the industry that if you do not want to go the distance. “Today the market is particularly ruthless: change or die. In order to survive the company should change it now,” — says Zalina Kanametova.

“Today in our country, the state of the economy means hard times, useful special modern solutions to get out of this turbulence,” — says Zalina Kanametova. — “We have already invested in innovative advanced solutions that enable companies to save from the first day. Customers is important to use the current time right now to start using our solutions.”

As market leader in its field, OSG defines how industry will work tomorrow. OSG’s General Director shares the secret of her success: “To advance is the basic principle of business. And clients of OSG are united by the desire to move forward and evolve. Although all of these companies want new and innovative technologies, they want to avoid risks. This is taken into account in strategies that are designed for their business.”

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