Dance with the elephant. A party in the Archive.

7 July, 2016 Z. KANAMETOVA: «The correct systematization and organization of information, as well as good access to it, results in efficiency and success for banks of all sizes and «weights». Infrastructure, a professional team, modern solutions are three-in-one from OSG Records Management.

Text by: Anastasia Skogoreva



NBJ: Zalina, OSG Records Management has worked in the Russian market for almost 20 years. The company is fairly well-known in the sector of financial intermediation. Please tell us what solutions OSG has to offer banks in terms of organization and improving workflow?

Z. KANAMETOVA: The main focus of our activities is the development and implementation of solutions for the storage and management of documents. These solutions combine three key qualities: sophistication, innovation and reliability. They allow fast and accurate levels of workflow. Banks work with a huge number of documents, so these are of vital importance. An optimized storage system enables archives to be managed effectively and decisions to be made faster.

NBJ: Indeed, but it appears that not all banks realize the importance of good archive organization and professional document storage.

Z. KANAMETOVA: Actually, they do. But, in fact, many banks, or to be more precise their managers, don't want to share control with professionals. They are afraid to lose control. You know, there are people who focus on control. They are afraid to lose their authority as a result of successful cooperation. This fear is not warranted. Managers have become more successful when they make a decision to work with us. We help them to accelerate, improve and enhance the bank's business processes.

NBJ: You mean, you deal with the habits and fears of some banking experts?

Z. KANAMETOVA: Exactly. It takes us a lot of time, effort, knowledge and experience to change these habits and fears. And we succeed.

NBJ: You have to convince a lot of bank executives about their concerns. Let's run through these concerns. Which problems are solved when they consult OSG about document workflow and the archival storage of documents? What benefits do they gain as a result of working with you?

Z. KANAMETOVA: There are three components — infrastructure, people and modernisation, and they require funding, financing and more funding. OSG has made these investments so banks can use our ready-made professional solutions. Services across Russia; protection of documents and data; innovative solutions, technology and expertise is what our clients gain, giants such as Sberbank, VTB Group, Alfa Bank, Citibank, Raiffeisenbank and OTP Bank. It is common knowledge that they actively they are actively developing retail banking in virtually every Russian region, and for each client, this means the creation of significant numbers of documents.

NBJ: You have said that the activities of running a bank’s archive include personnel. But do they still need a large staff to manage the archive?

Z. KANAMETOVA: The problem is not only in the number of employees, and their salaries, but the staff management too. Setting goals, monitoring performance, fixing issues and unfortunately redundancies. This all requires funding, financing and funding. And then they have to start the whole process over again. It's a vicious cycle. But with the help of OSG, this cycle is broken and things move forward, so the bank achieves its goals. It’s important that we give to banks a centralized document management system with a decentralized system of storage.

NBJ: Some executives of banks are not yet fully aware of the benefits you offer, but more and more are deciding to outsource the archive organization and storage of documents. Can we say that the market has formed a steady trend?

Z. KANAMETOVA: That’s right, and this is due to several factors. Firstly, new people are entering banking business who are young and active, they realize that control is in the last century. Today, management is based on leadership and partnerships with professionals who will help the bank to move forward faster, long-term. And secondly, established banks are monitoring what other banks are doing, analysing their success. They see that their rivals work faster and reduce the number of problems thanks to well-organized document management.

It is unlikely that anybody can say now say that Sberbank, despite its size, is a hulking elephant. Even if it is an elephant, it’s an elephant who can dance. And not just dance but perform rather complicated dances on the Russian banking floor. And with OSG, he dances a joint party in Archives across Russia. We are ready to waltz with other elephants in the Archive. It's possible! (laughs).

NBJ: You have mentioned that the systematic and uninterrupted access to documents is very important for a bank in terms of its relationship with the market regulator.

Z. KANAMETOVA: Not only that. Once there is a properly organized archive, the bank’s leadership can get accurate reliable reports about the true situation the various departments and the bank as a whole. Interaction with the regulator is also an important factor.
Among our clients were banks which required restructuring as tasked by the Central Bank and the Agency on insurance of deposits to carry out this work. A properly organized archive helped them through this process.

NBJ: We have mainly talked about ‘physical’ archives, but as far as I know, OSG also offers organization of ‘electronic’ archives of documents. Which of these services do banks prefer and does one compliment the other?

Z. KANAMETOVA: You are right. In this situation physical and electronic archives complement one and other. In a way, solutions for paper and electronic archives are similar to LEGO. They combine well and parts match up perfectly to provide reliability and modern efficiencies. There are legislative requirements for the storage of paper documents, so a bank, must comply with them. At the same time, banks aim to work faster and more efficiently, so having both physical and electronic archives is very popular.
When both archives are managed by our company, both paper and electronic archives are well organized, efficient and modern, thus enabling the Bank to move forward.

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