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10 April, 2013 April was once known as the month of insurance in Poland. Today, Western Digital company announced it is also the month for backing-up.

OSG protects data on laptops, mobiles, tablets

This is a good plan given that a significant portion of our lives tends to be archived on the hard drives of our computers, laptops and tablets, which makes it easy to lose. The only way to secure your files is to make regular backups. So linking backups to the month of insurance is sensible!

Your hard disks store enormous amounts of confidential information such as photos, videos, music, private documents, contracts and even tax returns. These files are often priceless. If lost, they are gone forever and cannot be restored. They are vulnerable to mechanical damage, malicious viruses and indeed theft. However, as the Polish saying goes 'the clever one is always insured', which must equally apply to backing-up files too. In general, computer users are well aware of this advice, but only few choose to do something about it.

The following statistics prove how vital data recording is: 80 percent of companies that lost all information stored on their electronic media also lost their business. The estimated value of the data stored on an official laptop of a mobile worker is $525,000. Lack of data backup can be gauged. It is estimated that the price of the lost record amounts to an average of €122, one on a Manager's laptop is €6,000 and lost data from a chairman's or Board Member's drive is worth €40,000!

"Making backups means remembering this and finding the time necessary to perform the activity." — notes Jolanta Augustyniak Director for Central and Eastern Europe, for OSG Records Management — the leading archive and management company for paper and electronic documents. "That's why OSG, in partnership with i365 (A Seagate Company) introduced a new service to the Polish market. EEP (EVault Endpoint Protection) is used to backup computers and laptops. It is a modern solution that automatically performs backups in real time as soon as the device is connected to the Internet. You never need to remember about making copies, and importantly, OSG's solution does not interfere with the normal speed of the equipment in operation."

EEP (EVault Endpoint Protection) is part of OSG's IT- Archive service package, for online data backup. Backups are stored in a so-called cloud, on two separate servers. This ensures that they are properly secured. Data is backed-up in real time, independently. This means new data and documents are protected unlike with conventional periodic backups. The solution is effective for both individuals and businesses. If data is lost, retrieval is easy via protected login.

OSG is a leader of storing and managing documents and information for companies operating in the CIS and the EU. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, OSG serves more than 3,000 companies in Russia and abroad. The company's activity merited multiple professional awards. Today, OSG stores and processes more than 10 billion documents in 5 countries. The OSG services includes document storage, scanning of documents, creating electronic archives, the environmental destruction of documents, data backups and much more.
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