RUSSLAVBANK picks OSG for complete offsite document storage & management

01 February, 2013 OSG Records Management passed to a new stage of partnership with RUSSLAVBANK - received the status of the only one provider of document and data management, ahead of all the characteristics of the previous provider - ORB.

RusslavbankOn 1 February 2013, RUSSLAVBANK concluded an agreement with OSG by tender, attended by 15 companies. The guests from RUSSLAVBANK were Head of the archives administration Department, Elena Chemurova, and Director of the Administrative Department, Maria Milenkova, and the representative of OSG was Manager of Department of sales and business development, Andrey Levin.

Under the treaty, duration 3 years, OSG render document and data management services. Today OSG provides a high standard of services on storage of documents for RUSSLAVBANK throughout Russia. OSG has removed Bank documents from Ryazan, Kaluga, Gatchina, Petrozavodsk, Saint Petersburg, and Moscow. Storing documents in the upscale stores of OSG mean space savings of the Bank offices, effective documents monitoring and data protection from fire, flood or theft.

OSG organized for RUSSLAVBANK storage of documents in the archive specialized complex with continuous monitoring of periods of storage of each of the many kinds of documents solving the problem of costly maintenance of own archive of the Bank. OSG specialists packed Bank’s Documents in specially designed boxes, transported and placed it in OSG storage - specially equipped premises for storage of documents. Besides, as may be necessary, RUSSLAVBANK orders scan documents.

«For the time of cooperation OSG proved itself as the highly professional company with qualified personnel, promptly and efficiently providing its services. In the course of cooperation, OSG always meets the wishes of Bank and takes account of the needs. OSG selected the most appropriate for the Bank's maintenance programme when we have entered into an agreement. Orders are fulfilled in time; all necessary information can be received from managers of the company. Our Manager, Levin Andrey, showed himself as a competent specialist, knowing the business. Any time he solves the all questions that can emerge, » - said Elena Chemurova, Head of the archives administration Department of RUSSLAVBANK. The executive group of RUSSLAVBANK also notes that OSG has perfectly proved itself in the market of documents and data management solutions as the high-status partner of the leading banking institutions.

General Director of the OSG Records Management, Zalina Kanametova: «Our clients are one of our main values, as they inspire our ideas. I want to thank RUSSLAVBANK for the trust and for granting the exclusive right to be the only one supplier of document and data management services of the Bank».

NOTESRUSSLAVBANK is one of the oldest participants of the Russian market of banking services, created on the 5th of December, 1990, and specialized in providing services for individuals (residents and non-residents), individual entrepreneurs, small and medium enterprises. Credo of the Bank is its universality. RUSSLAVBANK is represented in the Northwestern, Central and southern Federal districts of the Russian Federation. In 1999, RUSSLAVBANK founded Payment system CONTACT, the first Russian system of money transfers and payments, established the basis of the national markets of money transfers in Russia and CIS countries and became one of its leaders.

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