Russian Government agencies approve usage of Electronic documents

15 April, 2015 The Russian government has approved a list of documents that their agencies can transmit electronically. The list was approved on April 2, 2015, order number 583-P, which was signed by Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

The Russian government has approved a list of documents that their agencies can transmit electronicallyThe regulation applies to both federal and regional authorities, as well as extra-budgetary funds, and is designed to automate paperwork and streamline the processes of interaction between departments.

The process of approval started in December 2014, when the Government Decree № 1494 of December 25, 2014 approved the "Rules for the exchange of documents in electronic form in the organization of information exchange," in which the need to compile such a list was registered.

Important to note: this list is not a mandatory requirement for government agencies. If the organization chooses, it can continue to communicate with paper documents.

The list includes 37 types of documents, mostly correspondence and exploratory in nature, notes on meetings and documents related to orders, instructions, regulations, etc. A complete list of documents can be found here.

The purpose of this change is to optimize the exchange of information between departments and to introduce of regulated procedures for the transfer of electronic documents.

The exchange of information between public authorities will be subject to federal laws of the Russian Federation covering the protection of information.

Deputy Director of the DOW and archival processing methodical work Svetlana Pletneva:

«This list is advisory in nature and allows public authorities to share operational information in electronic form, without creating unnecessary amounts of paper documents.

List can serve as an example in the creation and discussion of numerous documents at the design stage, as well as copies of documents. With the general trend towards the introduction of a workflow of modern information technologies, the list of recommendations is quite relevant.

Subject to the Russian legislation on data protection, it is no longer necessary to print electronic documents, thus significantly reducing the space needed to store them.

However, in the work of public authorities, documents reflecting the main activities can be saved in an electronic form with the help of experts and specialists in related fields of activity, and these have long-term value. Analysis of information contained in them will be made so it can be preserved in electronic medium. A majority of the state archives and archives of public authorities do not yet have sufficient funds to achieve this.»

Group President OSG Records Management, Krzysztof Bobrovszky

Group President OSG Records Management, Krzysztof Bobrovszky commented:

«OSG ​​has been established for over 17 years in Russia. In that time we’ve built expertise and infrastructure that allows usto help commercial and governmental agencies to store electronic media. As well as protected vaults, we integrate on-line solutions - namely IT-Archive. It is a perpetual system that is fully encrypted and automated».

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