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6 February, 2015 Until recently, libraries and archives provided only possible access to the most important historical information via original paper documents and books. But what happens if these paper documents and books are lost in a natural disaster, fire or sabotage? There is a strong chance that important information will be lost forever. Recovering information from spoiled paper is an almost impossible task. Even if there are duplicates in other libraries, it is extremely difficult and costly to make copies. How can the risk be avoided? The best method is by retroconversion of documents!

Retroconversion (retrospective conversion) — is the industrial process of digitizing paper-based information and creating an electronic archive of the data.

The Process of Retroconversion

The retroconversion process is in high demand from specialist archives, museums, libraries (public and institutional), universities and other educational institutions. Retroconversion eliminates the slow process of creating directories and library collections ‘by hand’. It cuts query processing time, which is especially important for the global automation of all business processes, where users expect to gain access in electronic form not only to the catalogue, but also to the entire archive.

Digitizing library archives

Digitizing library archives

OSG has a distinctive process for retrospective conversion, it involves high-performance processing of paper documents. Retronconversion differs from simple scanning in that it produces immediate access to digitized volumes. The high processing speed is achieved by using specialized scanning technologies, high-speed equipment and highly qualified personnel.

Large and systematic digitization of library collections by retroconversion ensures there are digital copies even if the originals are lost. It also has the benefit of ensuring better access to the information contained in a library, through search systems and catalogued data.
“There is a challenge to save vital historical information for future generations. Retrospective conversion is the best way to preserve the irreplaceable unique data contained in libraries.”.

Retroconversion for Business

The retroconversion process is also important for business. It saves space and time for companies. OSG is able to perform the process at the clients own premises. The company is also an expert at transferring important documents. A specialist document transfer team uses a fleet of vans and lorries to transfer entire archives to OSG’s state-of-the-art facilities. Here documents are sorted, scanned and processed in the best possible conditions.

The issue of funding the conversion of documents into digital format is a particular concern fro libraries and archives. But there are cost-effective systems for the retroconversion of your library collection. Ask OSG for an expert evaluation and solution.

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