Public authorities are willing to accept electronic documents!

25 September, 2014 Russian businesses are to be permitted to submit electronic documents to Russia’s public authorities. In line with its "road map" to Improve the quality of the regulatory environment for business, outlined in August 2104, the Chairman of the Government Dmitry Medvedev has signed decree No. 816 "On amendments to certain acts of the Government of the Russian Federation in respect of the removal of restrictions on the use of electronic documents in the interaction of entrepreneurs and public authorities".

The changes relate to areas such as the state regulation of the economy, health, social welfare, security and exchange controls. Before the entry into force of this resolution, documents to these official authorities had to be paper format. Now businesses themselves will be given the freedom to file in paper or electronic form.

What changes to electronic records management will change after signing the decree?

  • Use of electronic documents in an independent assessment of conformity with the requirements of fire safety.
  • Electronic documents can be granted for the establishment of preferential rent for state-owned cultural heritage sites for businesses and individuals who have invested in the renovation of cultural monuments.
  • Registration of radio electronic facilities and high frequency devices is now possible through the provision of electronic documents.
  • You can use electronic documents for creating the Protocol's negotiation of prices in the pharmaceutical sector, when establishing the limit premiums to the selling prices of producers on vital medicines. (see more about document management in the pharmaceutical sector)
  • Providing information in electronic form with reference to currency control.
  • Rules of registration of hazardous production facilities now allow the flow of information in the form of paper or electronic document.

The above documents, in case the assurances of their electronic digital signature, may be provided to state agencies through a single Portal of public services of Russian Federation, and through private websites of public institutions.

These measures have economic benefits, and serve to reduce operating costs and contribute to a better information integration of Russian companies in the global information space.

It is important to remember that all these measures to strengthen the significance of individual groups of electronic documents - are the intermediate stages on the way to the global transition to electronic records management when dealing with government agencies. At this stage it is only the debug process control and interaction by treatment of certain types of electronic documents.


Global prospects for the transition from paper documents to electronic

Maxim Sitin, OSG expert

Maxim Sitin, OSG expert

For several years, the government of the Russian Federation has been working on the implementation of electronic records management in the work of the legislative, executive and judicial powers. In February 2014, Dmitry Medvedev said: "It is necessary to establish a sound regulatory framework for electronic document legal documents, including those documents that are subject to the so-called eternal storage."

However, as reported by the Ministry of Communications, the complete replacement of paper documents to electronic form, can only occur after the adoption of the new federal law. Changes to existing regulations are not enough to eliminate the use of paper documents.

Maxim Sitin, OSG expert on archives and information management commented: "To successfully switch from paper to electronic documents is a big challenge, but a necessary one. There are the issues of standardization and unification to tackle within this process. There is also a need to develop a robust regulatory and technical framework for electronic document management. Until that happens, paper documents will continue to be accepted by commercial and Government Agencies”.
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