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5 June, 2014 Environmental protection is an important aspect that affects everyone today. The new Millennium brought to humankind advanced technologies that we use on a daily basis. However, few people think about the consequences of inappropriate use of natural resources. The initiative demonstrated by the non-profit organization, influenced the decision of the government in order to address the issue of ecology. Thus, now we, as a socially oriented state must take care of the world in which we live.

Paperless office

The company, long-established in the market, understand the feasibility of the introduction of environmentally friendly technologies, which help save the environment and also increase the work efficiency of the employees, their loyalty and motivation, and it — services on storage of documents, document scanning, shredding.

OSG Records Management conducts archival business in Russia for more than 15 years. "Paperless office" — each office OSG in all regions where the company exists. The concept of the paperless office, OSG introduces its clients, increasing their competitiveness by developing and promoting social responsibility. Thanks to this concept, the best companies in the market have chosen ingenious solutions OSG Records Management. Branchless storage of documents allows to vacate the office, to reduce expenses on maintenance of the archive and optimize internal business processes.

Let us look at the situation from a historical perspective

In fact, implementation of decisions aimed at preserving the environment, began with a moment of occurrence of the OSG on the Russian market, namely 16 years ago. The company already started thinking about the correct positioning of the company and its social responsibility before society - services on storage of documents, document scanning, shredding.

Concept 3 Archives developed by the specialists of OSG aimed at optimization of business processes in such a way those employees requiring only a laptop and Internet access.

Main office OSG is an open and bright space without wardrobes and bedside tables. On the tables out of paper, the employees avoid printing documents, using electronic archive. This concept office in OSG is called "paperless". Clients who visit the offices OSG, often surprised when saw it. Since they are all used to the downloaded tables and worldly Affairs and folders cabinets.

Ecologically safe document storage & destruction

Choosing OSG, choose the future

Concept 3 Archives, which stated earlier, includes i-Archive — archive paper-based documents, e-Archive — electronic archive of documents, and IT-Archive — data backup. Connecting the e-Archive, you have access to any document always easily find any document of any age. E-Archive — is a fast scanning, the ability to transmit and process files with a single click. You will forget about how to use the printer, and then begin to work with pleasure.

Electronic archive will realize your dreams into reality, "paperless" office will release the place, you will breathe a full breast, and the use of modern achievements will help to optimize the workflow and to be in harmony with nature.

It is important to emphasize the importance of proper disposal of paper documents. In OSG before you send documents to destruction, employees are preparing for the destruction of documents. Why is this important? If you send documents in a plastic folder together at the destruction, the material obtained simply disposed of, without sending for recycling. Always remember this. After all, recycled paper, you can obtain a new product, and use it, preserving the forest.

OSG specialists aware of this fact and take out any paper document from a file and a plastic folder. Each employee feels that saves one small but very important tree.

Thanks to the corporate culture and social responsibility OSG benefit all — the state, society and business. According to the General Director of the OSG Russia, Zalina Kanametova:

«Our main principle is openness. We are open to customers, we are open to new technologies, and we are open to the world in which we live. Our task is to provide the best service that meets the highest requirements of today's world. It is doubly pleasant that we initially supported eco-friendly solutions and implement them in their business processes. Moreover, today we proudly affirm that, for 15 years we own hands had saved the little forest.»

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