PRISM and NAID Members have voted to combine

May 15, 2018 PRISM International (Professional Records and Information Services Management) the not-for-profit organisation for document storage and archive companies has announced it will be combining with NAID (The National Association of Information Destruction).

Members including OSG Records Management voted unanimously to join together to provide a single entity. OSG Records Management is a long-standing member of PRISM and regularly meets with industry leaders to discuss developments to the industry. OSG will work with PRISM and NAID to address new issues with particular reference to the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and former CIS countries.

The rationale for such a move was explained by NAID and i-SIGMA CEO Bob Johnson, “From the perspective of the marketplace, proper information and asset destruction is only one piece of the information management and data security challenge; this merger will create a unified mission.”

Zeal over the merger was equally shared by newly installed PRISM President, Christopher Jones of Secure Records Solutions, “As a merged entity, we will have a stronger voice with policymakers, regulators, and decision-makers. Together we’ll be able to share resources to help grow our businesses. And combined conferences and events will grow our presence worldwide that serves to reduce member costs. This simply makes sense.”

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