OSG underway with the transfer of documents for the Russian State Archive of the Economy

13 March, 2013 On the 28th February at the conference hall of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History, the collegium of the Federal Archival Agency presented results of work carried out in 2012 and set new goals for 2013.

The meeting was opened with a presentation by Artizov Andrey Nikolaevich - Head of the Federal Archival Agency. Elena Turina - Director of the Russian State Archive of the Economy - began the presentation with a film showing the highlight of 2012 - the commissioning of new state archives in RSAE Voronovo. OSG Records Management, won the tender to move files from the old archives to the new archive. OSG produced the film. It looked at the important features of the new archive - three levels of underground storage, modern purpose-built shelving to house the documents, administrative and production buildings and then focused on the actual process of moving the documents. They were transferred not only from RSAE in Moscow, but also Samara, where there is another branch of the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation. To successfully realize this ambitious project, OSG has invested in new lorries that are able to maintain a specified temperature. That is particularly important given the historical nature of the documents being transferred. Weather conditions outside were extreme. OSG used barcode system to label all documents being moved. Each was entered on to a database, and then carefully packed away. Elena commented that OSG was handling the job extremely well:

The staff are professional, experienced and responsible and use the latest modern technology.

Alexey Rykov, OSG Records Management’s Development Director, spoke about the technical side of the project. He also addressed the meeting with a report on the application of new information technologies in the archive sector, with emphasis on the need to simplify access to documents, he commented:

... archives have an active presence in the online environment.

Zalina Kanametova, General Director of OSG Records Management Russia talked about the many important features of this project, chief among them a unique blend of tradition and modern state archives technology as used by commercial archives:

...we have a huge experience at integrating classic archives with the features of a modern archive.

By the use of innovative solutions, OSG has already successfully transferred the first million files to the shelves of the new facility in Voronovo. At the end of the presentation, Zalina Kanametova said that OSG was set to carry tens of millions of documents and thanked Russian State Archive for the valuable opportunity:

Thank you for your trust. And for the opportunity to gently touch the history of our country.

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