OSG takes pivotal role in the 9th meeting of the Russian-Chinese working group on cooperation in the field of archives

20 July, 2012 The ninth meeting of the Russian-Chinese working group on the cooperation of archives of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental commission on humanitarian cooperation was held on July 16-20 in Ekaterinburg, Russia. The event was well attended.

The Russian delegation was lead by Head of the Federal Archival Agency of Russia, AN Artizov. The Russian delegation included OSG Records Management's Director of Operations, AV Rykov and Director of OSG Record Management's Kazan branch, D. Itkin.

The Chinese delegation included representatives from the State Archives Administration of China, the leaders of the Central Historical Archives of China, China's Foreign Ministry Archives, Archives Department, Dalian. The delegation of China was lead by Deputy Head of the State Archives Administration of China, Li Minhua.

On the 18th July, as part of the conference, the Russian-Chinese Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists discussed "Archives in the XXI century: new technologies and historic traditions."

OSG's Kazan Branch Director D. Itkin also delivered a presentation on: "Experience and practice of non-state archives in the Republic of Tatarstan".

Head of the archives of the Sverdlovsk region, AA Kapustin commented:

The Chinese delegation are interested in our experience of non-state archives. In China, all archives are run either by the government or a political party. Private commercial archives are the future.

Alexey Rykov, Director of Operations OSG Records Management, and member of the central expert verification commission and the Public Council of the Federal Archival Agency of Russia commented:

This is the second time I've met with the Russian-Chinese working group on cooperation in the field of archives. Last year it was in the city of Suzhou and is this year it was Ekaterinburg. The Chinese delegation shows great interest in the establishment of commercial sector archives in China. I am very pleased that OSG Records Management has the honor of meeting with representatives of one of the largest powers, and showing them new trends in the world of modern archive.
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