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21 November, 2013 The XX International scientific and practical conference «Records Keeping in information society: effective electronic records management» took place in Moscow on the 21 and 22th of November in the building of the Russian State Archive of Socio-Political History.

Euro-Asian regional branch of International Council on Archives (ICA), the Federal Archival Agency and the Federal state institution «Russian research Institute of records management and archival studies» held the twentieth anniversary professional conference of records management service with the support of OSG Records Management. For almost 7 years OSG Records Management has been working with VNIIDAD, providing the necessary support and sharing experience and knowledge in the sphere of documents storage. Furthermore OSG is the General sponsor of the conference.

OSG at VNIIDAD conference

Within the framework of one event the participants of the conference have received a unique opportunity to learn a lot from the Russian and international colleagues, from all who are involved in the process of documents storage. M.V. Larin, Director of Russian research Institute of records management and archival Affairs, opened the conference and welcomed all the guests. He mentioned with pleasure that the number of members and partners constantly grew.

«First of all I’d like to congratulate us with the anniversary. Twenty years are not a very long period, but for the conference, I believe, it is a respectable age. And I hope we will continue working with the same success!», - Director of the VNIIDAD summed up his welcome speech.

N.N. Kunjaev, Deputy Head of Department, Head of office of the President of the Russian Federation on national awards, the Head of the Department of document management and information security of the Moscow financial and law University MFUA congratulated the audience on the jubilee.

OSG Records Management, the General sponsor of the XX International scientific and practical conference « Records Keeping in information society: effective electronic records management » is the leading company providing documents storage and data management service for the organizations operating in CIS countries and EU. General Director of OSG Records Management Russia, Zalina Kanametova: «Events of such values are created to share experience on documents storage, as well as to discuss the most relevant topics on archive management. We are the leader in the field of the archives regulation; we help our demanding clients to organize documents management, to reduce costs. Today we share with you practice of documents management, which for a long time has been using by commercial companies».

The representatives of Belarus, Ukraine, Slovenia, France, Russia, Armenia and others, highlighted the problems of electronic archive organization in their presentations. Sablon de Koray Amable, Head of the Mission Department of the National archives of the Interministerial archival service of France, spoke about some peculiarities of documents storage of France. «French archival system is characterized by a high degree of centrality. All Archives, commercial and governmental, must have state accreditation and all their activities are regulated by the Central office of archive management», - the representative of French archival office explained.

V.F. Yankovskaya, Deputy Director of Russian research Institute of records management and archival Affairs told about the advance developments. First, according to the Deputy Director of VNIIDAD, the fields of documents creation and storage and the electronic archival information resources use have directly major changes. «Rules of proceedings in the Federal bodies of Executive power» were drafted in 2009. An important methodological principle of working with electronic documents lays in its fundamental basis», - V.F. Yankovskaya told the participants of the conference.

Besides, the participants of the XX International scientific and practical conference « Records Keeping in information society: effective electronic records management » discussed the problems of documentary information unification in the systems of electronic document circulation, the trends and prospects of implementation of electronic document management in the activity of the bodies of Executive power of Russian Federation.

All the conference materials final documents and etc. are published on the official website: //www.vniidad.ru

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