OSG Poland sponsors ‘Financier of the year 2013’ awards

13 February, 2014 OSG Poland has become a proud sponsor of the prestigious 'Financier of the year 2013' award ceremony. The ceremony was beautifully presented by Agata Konarska and Marek Zuber, Tv journalists. Run for the 14th time the recognition nominations were organised by the prestigious financial weekly 'Gazeta Finansowa'.

OSG Poland sponsors Financier of the year 2013

The Financier of the year 2013 went to Elżbieta Bieńkowska, Minister of Infrastructure and Development for professionalism and courage in securing the funds for the development of the country.

The jury however decided to award five recognition prizes and three 'Financial Make of the Year 2014' awards. These went to: Jakub Konarski, CEO of Polish Railway, PKP SA for courage and determination during the restructuring process and for changing the face of the Polsih railway; Loukas Notopoulos, CEO Vivus Finance: for revolutionising the extra-banking financial sector and popularising these services online; Mariusz Gazda, CEO of SKOK Wołomin: for consistent work on the SKOK's position amongst other influencial financial institutions and success of the lending offer; Adam Smith's Center: for achievements in development of Polish Economy and all the activities aimed at re-establishing economic feedom; Newseria, Information Portal: for meeting up all the demands faced by media in XXI century.

Financial Makes of the year 2104 were selected in the following categories:

  • Leasing - European Leasing Fund;
  • Brokerage House: Brokerage House of the Bank for Enviromental Protection;
  • Bank: Credit Agricole Bank Polska.
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