OSG opens new document and data storage centre in a major city of Vladivostok

20 December, 2011 OSG Records Management is pleased to announce that it has opened a new document and data storage centre in the important city of Vladivostok. The OSG Records Management office is situated in pr-kt 100 let Vladivostoku, 155, building 3, Vladivostok, 690030.

Vladivostok is in the most Eastern region of Russia and has a population of almost 600,000. The city is a main hub for trade with the far East and is an important import centre for Japanese cars. Other key industries include shipping, fishing and the naval base.

OSG is investing in new storage infrastructure and a fleet of vans to ensure the same high standards of service and security that every other OSG centre offers.

Zalina Kanametova, General Director of OSG commented:

The OSG network now stretches the entire width of Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The long-term success of OSG Records Management means we are in the position to expand our network of document and data storage centers in Russia and neighbouring countries. This allows OSG to offer Russia’s biggest companies a truly pan-Russian service. There is a large demand in these regions from companies looking to modernise and OSG is pleased to provide solutions.
OSG is the leading provider of document and data management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU. With over 30 years of experience to draw from and award-winning levels of service, OSG continues to grow an impressive client base of top regional and international companies.
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