OSG opens archive in Mineralnye Vody (Kommersant newspaper Russia – Sergei Surzhenko)

16 April, 2012 OSG Records Management has opened a new document storage and processing center in the city of Mineralnye Vody. It is estimated that the investment in equipping and fitting out the center is in the region of $ 2-5 million. OSG is the first of four large archive companies operating in Russia to enter the regional market of Stavropol and the Caucasus.

KommersantExperts suggest that others may try to follow at a later date, but will have difficulty in finding high-quality warehouse space as the region has a shortage.

OSG Records Management has leased about 1.6 thousand square meters in the warehouse complex "Pendant Yugros" near the town of Mineralnye Vody (Mineral Waters), said Expro the developer of the complex. The site is located in an industrial area near Mineralnye Vody, in close proximity to the airport and train station hub. The space has been leased and makes a perfect regional center for storing documents for clients in the Stavropol Territory and the North Caucasian republics.

OSG Records Management’s Moscow office confirmed that the new Stavropol region archive center is working well. According to OSG’s General Director Zalina Kanametovoy, it has been designed to 40 million documents. The company plans to serve national companies as well as local businesses and the public sector. OSG has invested significant funds to realise the project. According to market analysts, the cost of equipment for the data center may be around $ 2-5 million, according to Macon Realty Group, the cost of renting warehouses of class "A" in the southern regions could be as high as $ 70 per square meter per year excluding VAT.

OSG Records Management Russia was established in 1998. In 2004, 40% of the company was acquired by investment fund Aurora Russia, who now own 98% of the company. OSG has offices and data centers in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria. According kartoteka.ru, in 2010 revenues LLC OSG Records Management Center was 490.9 million rubles. Net profit - 1.6 million rubles. OSG is the first of the four major archive companies operating in Russia, to open in Stavropol Territory (the other participants of the market are Telos ahriv, Delis-archive and Iron Mountain). The archival services market in Russia is promising, in the last five years, according to Delis-archive, it has grown five times - up to 25 billion rubles. Experts believe that after the arrival of OSG to the Stavropol region, competitors may follow.

It has become apparent that smaller archive companies, particularly regional ones, simply can’t compete with the market leaders. “This is a technology business requiring large investments in storage facilities” said Sergey Afanasiev, Executive Director of the regional public organization ‘Guild Governing Documents’. “Those who decide to come to the region after OSG will have difficulty in finding high-quality warehouses”. CEO of Macon Realty Group, Ilia Volodko said “Accept for Pendant, there is currently no ‘A’ class warehouses readily built. The market for high-quality warehouse property in the region is developed, and there is a lack of new demand".

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