OSG invited to Polish Travellers Journalists ‘Globtroter’ Association to give demonstartion of new online backup system

29 February, 2012 OSG Records Management was the special guest at the meeting of the Association of Globetroter Journalists held on February 29, 2012 (in Warsaw, Poland). The main agenda focusssed on how to store documents, pictures and videos on computers and laptops. OSG made a presentation about a new online backup system that may be used for these items.

It turns out that only a small percentage of users are aware of the risks associated with in the poor reliability of their equipment. Hard drives go bad, laptops are lost, and computers may be destroyed by unexpected surges in their home network. Important user information (such as photos, videos, documents, etc.) is at risk of being lost and a large proportion of it is irrevocably destroyed. New technology development has allowed OSG, in partnership with i365, a Seagate company, to provide a new service. IT-Archive, OSG’s online data backup service, provides the perfect solution. It is an online data backup system that allows you to protect data on your desktop computer and laptop, remotely. You can schedule automated backups, so constant supervision is a thing of the past. It is easy to set-up, you just need internet access and an IT-Archive account and you are on your way. Scehduled backups don’t slow-down your computer. IT-Archive protects your data by encrypting it and then sending it to a secure data storage center. The access control option on the USB port protects the information from third parties. Another brilliant feature is the ability to remotely delete data from your a laptop or PC if it is stolen or lost.

IT-Archive is an excellent solution for Travelling journalists. The presentation on this new innovation which protects a journalist’s work, was well receievd and created a great deal of interest.


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