OSG helps to update archive educational programs for Russian universities

10 April, 2012 OSG Records Management’s Director of Operations has taken part in the plenary session covering the education of historical and archival science, organized by the Association of Training for Universities of the Russian Federation.

The meeting was held at the Russian State Humanitarian University and reviewed the first results of the implementation of competence-oriented basic education programs (OPP) for universities in the direction of 034 700 - archival documentation requirements for the federal state educational standards of higher education. Particular focus was given to the final certification of Bachelor’s and Master’s qualification requirements for new graduates.

OSG helps to update archive educational programs for Russian universities

Alexey Rykov, OSG Records Management’s Director of Operations commented: "OSG is the largest commercial employer in Russia’s records management and archive sector. We are pleased to work closely with the Governmental Archival TMA to help evaluate and update educational programs so they cover the latest archive and records management technology and systems being used by modern business today."

OSG helps to update archive educational programs for Russian universities

NOTESOSG is the leading provider of document and data management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU. With over 30 years of experience to draw from and award-winning levels of service, OSG continues to grow an impressive client base of regional and international companies.

The Russian State University for the Humanities is an educational institution which trains specialists in all areas of knowledge in the humanities. Drawing upon more than three hundred years of the Russian higher education tradition, as well as upon the experience (and example) of the two unique Russian educational institutions – the Alfons L. Shanyavsky Moscow Public University and the Moscow State Institute for History and Archives – the RSUH is the rightful heir to the traditions of these excellent institutions in its mission to help revive the atmosphere of art and culture in education.

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