OSG has signed new contract with Nordea Bank for the secure and eco-friendly program of waste paper disposal

19 June, 2014 OSG is pleased to announce a new contract has been signed with Nordea Bank for the secure and eco-friendly program of waste paper disposal in their network of offices in Russia. Nordea Bank is part of the giant Nordea banking group. Their network of 1000 branches serve more than 11 million customers. In Russia since 1994, they are amongst the top 230 banks in terms of assets and capital. Their clients include in excess of 5000 companies and more than 60,000 individuals.

Nordea Bank

OSG Records Management is industry leader in document management and storage. These services include professional document shredding. Not only is it secure, but is is ecological friendly. All paper is recycled.

An estimated 3 tons of documents are destroyed each quarter for for Nordea Bank. It is the equivalent of 130 trees saved, as well as hundreds of thousands of litres of fresh water and tens of thousands of kilowatts of electricity.

Shredded paper about to be recycled with help of OSG

Yulia Volkova, Head of the Archives Office of organizational support Nordea Bank:

"For us, as for the largest banks, it is important to organize the professional management of the archive. One of the optimization steps archival repository - the destruction of documents, storage period has already expired. OSG Records Management has long experience in the market and has extensive experience in the management of documents. We believe in privacy and compliance with the law officers OSG valuable for us to work with such a reliable partner. Nice to know that disposing documents with expired shelf life, we are making a contribution to the care of the environment. "

Kanametova Zalina, CEO of OSG Records Management:

"We are delighted to share the responsibility for the preservation of nature with Nordea Bank. Caring for the environment lies in the basis of the concept of OSG - the concept of the paperless office, the benefits of which we explain to our clients. Volumes murdered Nordea Bank documents already saved full park area, and we intend to continue to cooperate and bring even greater benefits to society. "


OSG Records Management

OSG is the leading provider of document and information management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU. With over 40 years of experience, and award-winning levels of service, they have built a client base of over 3,000 regional and international leaders. Total documents under management is over 3 billion across 7 countries. Services include document storage, document scanning, electronic archives, document destruction, data backup, document workflow and more. Visit www.osgrm.com for more information.

Nordea Bank

OJSC "Nordea Bank" is part of the banking group Nordea — one of the largest European banking groups headquartered in Stockholm. Nordea serves 11 million customers in more than 1,000 offices and branches. Nordea Bank has operated in Russia since 1994 and is among the 30 largest Russian banks in terms of assets and capital. The bank has the highest rating on the Russian market of international rating agency Fitch, and among the top three in the rankings of the most reliable banks in Russia, compiled by the magazine Forbes. Nordea Bank offers a versatile range of financial products and services for companies and private individuals in Moscow and 9 regions of Russia. Among the banks clients — more than 5000 companies and more than 60,000 individuals.

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