OSG Armenia signs agreement with VTB Bank (Armenia)

15 July, 2012 OSG Records Management in Armenia is pleased to announce it has signed a new agreement with VTB Bank (Armenia) for the secure destruction of their unwanted confidential documents.

In June 2012, OSG Records Management in Armenia securely destroyed 8 tons of expired sector documents.

The shredded documents were processed and recycled to provide new packaging for the catering industry. The solution is both safe and environmentally friendly.

OSG Records Management in Armenia has provided VTB Bank (Armenia) with a Certificate confirming that they comply fully with all requirements of ISO 14000 Environmental Management Standards.

OSG is a leader of storing and managing documents and information for companies operating in the CIS and the EU. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, OSG serves more than 3,000 companies in Russia and abroad. The company's activity merited multiple professional awards. Today, OSG stores and processes more than 10 billion documents in 5 countries. The OSG services includes document storage, scanning of documents, creating electronic archives, the environmental destruction of documents, data backups and much more.
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