OSG Armenia participates in meeting on competition challenges

13 March, 2013 On March 19, 2013, General Director of OSG Records Management LLC in Armenia Lilya Abrahamyan took part in a special meeting on Competition Challenges.

The event was organized by the State Commission on Protection of Economic Competition (SCPEC), American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia (AMCHAM) and the World Bank Yerevan Office.

The purpose of the meeting was to uncover competition issues faced by the businesses of different sectors and discuss possible ways of improvement. More than 30 company leaders from various sectors talked about the actual problems they face. During the meeting, a number of business leaders raised serious questions and initiated heated debates. The SCPEC President noted issues raised and will ask the committee to focus on them.

Lilya Abrahamyan commented: «These kinds of meetings are necessary and very useful. It is important that public authorities learn about existing business issues related to the competition directly from businessmen and take appropriate measures to provide solutions.»

OSG Armenia participates in meeting on competition challenges

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