On The Record (The Year Book Kazakhstan 2011)

2 December, 2011 The Year Book (TBY) Talks to Mikhail Betin, General Manager of OSG Records Management, on the company’s services and the file industry.

Business Year magazine Kazakhstan 2011

OSG provides record management solutions for companies in the CIS. How has the business evolved since 2004?

We are the leaders in the market and are growing by 50% each year. Over this period we had to change our facilities three times to accommodate our expanding operations. Most of our clients are large companies; but we have solutions for companies of any size. We are quit optimistic about the market. Although we are the market leaders, each of our potential clients are in fact our competitors, because they have the option of storing data on their own. When we came to the market in 2004, that was their only option and it was a tricky task for us to explain the advantages of storing their data off-site with a professional company. Most of our customers give their documents to us to reduce the risk of corporate espionage, data loss, and the criminal actions of employees. The less documents you store in the office, the less risk you have that documents will be stolen or given to your competitors.


Among your wide range of services, where do you see the highest demand?

We recently launched a new project called the CCC, or Client Communication Center, from where we are planning to serve to the entire CIS region. It is the first time in Kazakhstan that Almaty was chosen for such a center. It will be the call and data center for client for requests. From here we are going to serve Kazakhstan, Russia, and potentially Ukraine and Belarus. We use natural advantages that Kazakhstan offers to further our growth. This country is in the center of the CIS, meaning we can work with clients in different time zones. We also have a large, multilingual, and highly educated team.

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