Marry in the registry office – or by e-mail!

9 February, 2015 Very soon, a registration of marriage can be submitted to the registrar in the format of an electronic document certified by a simple electronic signature.

Marriage by E-mail in Russia

This is will be permitted as part of federal law №517-FZ which comes into effect on the 1st of April 2015. It regulates civil registration in the form of an electronic document. According to the statute, the use of electronic documents and signatures will become part of the application process.

As well as marriage, the new law covers the registration of births, paternity, divorce and death. Statements relating to civil status data, will be accepted in electronic form and certified by electronic signature.

The records will be stored on the registry office’s information system, which is responsible for the Russian Federation.

Although this new legislation does not eliminate the use of official paper documents for civil registration, it goes a big step towards it. But for the time-being, the original paper application must be signed by the bride and groom and submitted to the registrar on the day of the wedding.

The updated legislation is part of the roadmap for the transition of state and municipal services into electronic form.

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