Filming of new online videos

31 January, 2013 OSG is in the final stages of production for a series of new videos which look at how OSG brings efficiency and benefits to clients. The series was filmed in Moscow towards the end of last year and features questions and answers sessions with senior OSG Directors mixed with footage taken at OSG's impressive document and data centres.

The first video will be ready for release on the OSG website and Youtube in the coming days.

OSG is filming new informative videos 2012

Zalina Kanametova, General Director of OSG Russia commented:
Video is the most user-friendly way to communicate the core strengths of the OSG brand. We are an innovation company and so it is important for us to reflect this in our promotional content. Effective marketing and promotion has enabled us to increase brand recognition and sales significantly. We look forward to building on the positive momentum in 2013 and beyond.
OSG is the leading provider of document and data management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU. With over 30 years of experience to draw from and award-winning levels of service, OSG continues to grow an impressive client base of regional and international companies.
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