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15 December, 2010 Secure data storage is possible to achieve in many different ways, the ideal choice will depend on many factors. The first step in dealing with this important security measure must be to specify both existing requirements and those predicted for the future. These requirements can be varied so finding a simple solution which is easy to implement is extremely difficult.


Suppose two companies create full backup copies of their mail every day. If one of the users receives a message with an attachment 20 MB, a year later this file will take up 7300 MB of backup copies. In both cases multiplying this amount by the amount of emails and users will result in huge costs in terms of both drive space and infrastructure. Therefore accurate data retention periods are a key consideration.

The solution to such challenges which Administrators and IT specialists face, is to outsource the data protection to a specialist company.


An OSG product named IT-Archive provides reliable tools that are adaptable and so ideal for both small and big enterprises. Data is backed up and stored online, which enables a drastic reduction of infrastructure costs. By using IT-Archive, an everyday backup of the example email with an attachment of 20 MB after compression will only take up… 10 MB!

The principle behind the process is very simple. The user installs the software, sets the schedule of backups and can then relax as the rest of the process is fully automated. If desired, copies can be recovered from any back up version for any file, folder, database or all partitions with operating systems. Before being saved, the data is coded with AES key, which takes place on the client’s computer. This ensures all information being transferred is secure as it is coded.

The system also has the benefit that it stores data in the most efficient way possible. During each backup stage, data is checked for changes and updates and only those blocks (parts of a file) that have been changed are updated. If multiple users send the same data, it is backed up only once with a unique reference for each of the users. This function drastically decreases the amount of space required. Clients can define multiple users and set unique passwords and different accessibility levels to the backups. All of the information is stored in Poland, in a purpose-built data centre that meets very strict requirements on security and data protection. If a company is governed by a safety regulations or its activity for data processing is regulated by Polish law, OSG guarantees full compliance with those rules. IT-Archive works with Windows, Linux, Solaris, Novell NetWare and supports such virtual environments like: VMare or Hyper –V. There is no need for separate systems to ensure compatibility between various infrastructure elements. One solution guarantees protection for all computer stations and servers regardless of their configuration or geographic location. Additionally, ‘bare metal recovery’ option guarantees that even in the case of irrevocable equipment damage, it will still be possible to restore service functionality on another machine.

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