A career with OSG – Where to work magazine – September 2013

September, 2013 Working for a modern company, which is the market leader, offers many benefits and opportunities. Especially if the company is not just active in using new technology, but develops it too. OSG Records Management is just such a company.

When company documents are not in the office, but you may need them at any moment , it's time to transfer them to a professional document storage centre. For more than 40 years, OSG Records Management has been a provider of document storage and information management for companies in the CIS and European Union. For OSG Russia, 2013 is special - the company 15 years! Today, more than 400 professionals work in 28 offices across the country.

A career with OSG – Where to work magazine

Documents are in safe hands

OSG Records Management offers its customers the most advanced solutions for off-site document storage, scanning, archiving, inventory and far more. «The operational side of the business is one of the major divisions within the company», says Alexei Zlobin, Director of Logistics OSG Russia. «The system we use must be highly efficient, organised by the minute. Therefore, we use modern methods of goal setting and performance monitoring. This approach not only improves the level of responsibility for staff, but also gives them the opportunity to take the initiative».

Prospects of development

The interview for a job happens in two phases: first with a specialist HR department and then with the head of the warehouse. Our company always welcomes the young and energetic, but their are two crucial factors too — responsibility and a desire to work. At the interview you will be asked about your work experience, but OSG is always open to work with young professionals and is willing to invest in their training.

New knowledge

First of all, staff are shown the principles of our work, they learn how OSG is different from a regular storage warehouse. This is followed by training sessions for procedures and technologies , after an average of three months staff can work without supervision . The most interesting part is working with modern technology. In addition to loading and unloading archival boxes, sorting and shelving storage media, employees work with the latest scanning equipment and send documents to e-Archive. OSG regularly updates technology, so even experienced employees may have questions. Training and development is an integral part of the operations of the company.

Always on the side of employees

OSG prepares its employees in accordance with labor laws. Warehouse employees are given the opportunity to combine work with study. The company is flexible with young professionals — days and times are negotiated. The most responsible and committed can build a successful career with OSG after graduation. Career opportunities in OSG are always there! For example , Alexei Zlobin — Director of Logistics — began his career as a driver and worked his way to the top.

Victoria Burova, a marketing and advertising specialist for OSG Russia commented: «We pay attention not only to the working process, but also the corporate life. This year is special for us, so there will be many events! For example, all OSG staff are involved with selecting a celebratory 15 year logo. Everyone's opinion is taken into account, and all voted to take part in the prize draw. The prizes they will win a secret, I can only say that those who receive them, will enjoy new professional opportunities!

Vacancy: Store employee
Employer: OOO "OSG Records Management Center"
Address: Ul. March 8, 14
Scale: 28 offices in Russia
Work experience in the market: 15 years
Making of employees on work-book, under contract
Internet address: www.osgrm.ru

OSG is the leading provider of document and information management solutions for companies operating in the CIS and EU. With over 40 years of experience, and award-winning levels of service, they have built a client base of over 3,000 regional and international leaders. Total documents under management is over 3 billion across 7 countries. Services include document storage, document scanning, electronic archives, document destruction, data backup, document workflow and more.
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