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Svyaz Bank are ranked in the top 30 of Russia’s largest banks. The bank has been a customer of OSG for more than 5 years. OSG provides the following services to the head office and branches in the regions of St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa, Rostov-on-don and Saratov:

  • storage of documents;
  • professional data management;
  • prompt delivery and removal of documents upon request;
  • confidential destruction of documents;
  • evaluation of documents;
  • archival processing of documents.

Throughout this period, OSG has proved to be a reliable supplier to the bank. OSG’s has a highly qualified team of information management specialists, who have ensured the highest levels of service for document management and archival processing. The President-Chairman of the Board, AKB Svyaz-Bank confirms OSG Records Management to be a respected and growing partner who offers significant value and advanced solutions in the field of document management, storage and protection.

Ilya Kovalev, Head of the Archive of the office of the President-Chairman of the Board, JSC JSCB “Svyaz-Bank”

I confirm the successful cooperation between Promsvyazbank and OSG Records Management for the creation of an electronic archive for documents of clients, individuals and legal entities. OSG’s solutions have been integrated to 50 branches of Promsvyazbank, as well as more than 250 additional offices.

OSG’s extensive network in the regions has enabled the bank to standardise document management across the country. The license of FSTEC and Operator status on the processing of personal data enables Promsvyazbank to guarantee robust security for confidential data processing and storage.

OSG’s solutions for scanning, indexing, verification and storage of electronic and paper data, were introduced in Moscow and throughout the Russian Federation in 2011. This has enabled the Bank to provide a higher level of service and efficiency.

OSG has established a fruitful cooperation with Promsvyazbank, through reliability, ability to act quickly and solve short-term issues, and successfully implement large-scale projects. OSG has a complete understanding of the banking business processes and including the processing of customer documents. The bank is pleased to recommend OSG Records Management as a reliable and responsible Partner.

Irina Morozova, Vice-President, Head of the Operational Department, JSC Promsvyazbank

I confirm the successful cooperation between the Russian Government Archive of Economics RGAE and OSG Records Management, to transfer documents to create a new archive of all media.

RGAE thanks OSG for the successful professional transfer of 1.5 million documents to a new archive. We recognise OSG’s high level of expertise and technology which were used to complete this valuable archive. OSG performed the work to the highest standards and in an extremely timely fashion.

OSG has established itself as a trusted supplier, capable of solving the complex issues associated with large-scale projects. The Russian Government Archive of Economics is pleased to recommend OSG Records Management as a reliable, responsible and professional partner.

Elena Tyurina, Director, Federal state institution 'Russian state archive of Economics' (RGAE)

JSC Nordea Bank recommends OSG Records Management as a reliable partner in the field of the archival processing and confidential document destruction.

Nordea Bank not only works successfully with OSG in Russia, but in other countries too. Nordea Bank has been a client of OSG in Russia since May 13, 2013.

OSG provides the following services to the Bank in Moscow and other regions:

  • environmentally friendly recycling of documents;
  • the destruction of confidential documents using OSG containers;
  • provision of qualified archival staff to perform processing tasks.

OSG is always ready to offer solutions quickly and to satisfy all needs for the bank’s storage and document destruction. The Nordea Bank can sincerely recommend OSG Records Management as a reliable and trusted partner.

Julia Volkova, Head of the Archives Department of Administration, Nordea Bank

Alfa bank appreciates the  successful project completed by OSG Records Management for the removal, processing, scanning, and storing of documents. We recommend OSG as a reliable supplier of archival services.

OSG Records Management has once again shown the highest standards, and confirmed its status as the No1 archival company in Russia. Their specialists are able to provide solutions for the most complex problems, within short time-frames, whilst retaining excellent quality.

OSG is always prepared to provide tailored solutions to satisfy Alfa Bank’s requirements and protect our reputation.

Alfa-Bank considers its information as vitally important for the continuous work of the bank and is sure that real professionals are now managing their documents.

Vitaly Kovalevsky, head of the Division of document control and document retention, JSC 'Alfa-Bank'
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