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Archive company — the leader in Russia and the CIS

OSG is the leading Archive company in Russia and the CIS. We have almost 45 years of experience to draw from. In 1998 we launched the first document storage company in Russia. We also specialize in a complete range of archive work. We help thousands of the world's leading companies to manage their documents more efficiently, and we are ready to help your company achieve the same success.

Openness to innovation and the power of knowledge can create brilliant document and archive solutions for you.
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What makes OSG the best choice?

The OSG brand stands for innovation, experience, transparency, integrity and value. Choose OSG and you benefit in many ways.

Best document expertise

OSG was the first document storage company in Russia and the CIS. We haves a reputation for delivering reliable solutions on time and within budget. See what our clients say.

Best archive technology

OSG has exclusive partnerships with leading technology companies. This allows us to offer archive management innovation that others simply can’t match. We tailor our solutions to fit your needs.

Qualified Archivists

OSG's staff are hand-picked for their skills and ambition. Our qualified archivists are backed-up by a team of trained technicians. You can be sure that your documents are in excellent hands.

International standards

OSG is a respected member of PRISM International as well as the Russian Guild of Records Management (RGRM). We set high international standards for documents service, safety and security.

Best offsite document storage

OSG has modern, well maintained document storage centres. Many are 'A' class. We use the fastest and most accurate document scanners. We invest in the best, so we can deliver the very best archival services.

Largest network

OSG has 36 offsite document storage centres based across Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Armenia. No other company in the CIS provides such capacity.
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