OSG history – 50 years of success

OSG has a history stretching back almost 50 years. In that time we’ve been pioneers of the document management industry taking our solutions to new markets in the CIS China, the EU and the Middle East. Our award-winning service has helped thousands of leading companies better manage their documents and information.

OSG history milestones

  • 2016
    OSG wins major contracts and further invests in new A-Class document and data centres. These are fitted with new scanning technology. The future is bright! Please visit our News section to learn more about recent news.
  • 1968 -1996
    1968 -1996
    Hugh Van Cutsem invests in USA-based Kestrel Archive which becomes market leader. His industry expertise and finance is used to help launch 'OSG Records Management’, a new brand which will target European, CIS, Middle Eastern and African markets.
  • 1997 – 2000
    1997 – 2000
    OSG launches in Poland and Russia. Tagenka becomes the 1st commercial archive in Russia. It moves to a new centre near Metro Airport and is still there today. St. Petersburg soon opens. Prince Michael of Kent - a cousin of the Queen, and a direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas II visits OSG.
  • 2001- 2004
    2001- 2004
    In Ukraine, OSG sets up the first document storage centre in Kiev. New centres follow in Lviv, Odessa and Kharkiv. OSG opens in Beijing, China. Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen follow. OSG launches operations in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria. OSG makes significant gains in the EU market.
  • 2005
    A giant document centre is opened in Lobnya. 1 million documents are processed daily. OSG becomes the first archive company to process documents 24/7. PRISM International invites OSG to its European Committee.
  • 2006 – 2010
    2006 – 2010
    Aurora Russia Ltd invests. OSG Yerevan opens, the 1st commercial archive in Armenia. The 3 Archive system is introduced: i-Archive, e-archive & IT-Archive. OSG is now in 22 Russian cities. Awards include the ‘European Medal’ and ‘Golden Lion’ for banking solutions. OSG’s scan centre digitises 2 million documents in one day.
  • 2011 – 2015
    2011 – 2015
    Russian Investment Fund Elbrus Capital invests in OSG. OSG launches a new data center in the North Caucasus which has more than 1000 technicians. Increased development in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. OSG opens in Belarus – with a document and data centre in Minsk. OSG manages more than 10 billion documents. OSG is invited to advise on a special Archives Continue Reading
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